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A review about Cyberix3D on Softs&Apps

Published on Tuesday, 24 March 2015 10:00

Cyberix3D: create Free online games for Flash and Android


Nowadays you do not need programming skills to develop your own games, and it is simple and fun. You can create games using several different applications, including via online applications as is the case on Cyberix3D.

This free web platform allows us to create 3D games visually from an open editor window in your browser. To create games with the tool you only need to know how to handle the mouse and a little more, though at first it may seem a little tricky with its handling,  and therefore we can find several tutorials on the site itself.

We can start from a blank template to develop a game from scratch, or start one of the games already available on the site and can customize predesigned: Flappy Bird, car racing, platform games, 3D maze, etc.

The games can be exported in Flash format, and be include on our own site, or even an Android game downloading the APK file. The flash version of the game includes an option for monetization through advertising, but it is not available on Android  for now.

The original review in spanish