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Published reviews

Published on Wednesday, 17 September 2014 19:03

Two Portuguese sites published reviews about Cyberix3D.
Here you can read one of them it in English:

Mount games from scratch in an entirely online editor specializing in 3D

Cyberix3D is an online service that provides a specialized editor in creating games in three dimensions.

So if you ever wanted to build your title, but do not have much affinity with part modeling, you can now perform the task through an intuitive and fully graphical editor. Likewise, it also allows to work with code or the GUI of the created game.

To use the program you must create an account, and you can register by clicking here .Optionally, you can login using Google Plus for the task. Still, do not worry, because the registration process is short and will not take more than a few moments to complete.

Starting the project

Developing games is not a simple task, especially due to the modeling of the characters and items of scenery. If you want to make a game in three dimensions, know that such task can be even more challenging, especially for beginners. Therefore, a tool like Cyberix3D can certainly greatly facilitate the process.

The game editor is entirely online, allowing you to use the site on any independent access platform. It has a series of blocks and ready items that can be positioned on the stage and modeled to interact according to their needs, making the task of shaping values graphically possible and easy.

After you login, the ideal is to start building a new project, an action that can be performed using the "File" menu through the "New Project" option. That done, you can already begin exploring the tools available to mount your work.

Making modeling

The application interface is quite intuitive, although it follow a slightly different model from that presented by most known IDEs desktop. It has three basic section: a toolbar on the left side of the screen, a section for defining attributes in the center, and the editor itself, on the right part of the display.

Basically, just choose the desired tools, click the editor on the spot you want to place them, and start handling options. Items are placed in the form of buttons with a thumbnail for easy visual identification of the structure, and you should start your work by dragging the desired part to the central or right sector.

That done, just click the element to change its properties, visible just below the image. In some cases you need to set the operating logic of an object, but there are several cases you can  assign the desired values fields. In the right section you can move, rotate, scaling and even copy pieces.

You can use the arrow keys on the keyboard and click the left mouse button to display the structure positioned on the screen. Designs can be rotated to see if everything is as expected. to get the source code (or edit it), just enter the "Source" tab.

At the end of your work, you can use specific button for publication, if desired, or save the material to your account. On the developer page you can find some models and examples to help you at the beginning of its activities.

Our opinion

Above we gave a full description of the Cyberix3D and its features, and we now know it

Cyberix3D offers an alternative online editor for game development, specializing in modeling structures. Thus, it can be an interesting tool for anyone who ever wanted to create his own title, but did not have much affinity with that part of creation of materials, especially those in three dimensions.

The editor has a user friendly interface, divided into sections for ease of use. The toolbar shows the items with a thumbnail, facilitating the visual identification of structures - something that can streamline the process of creating. The values for each object can be assigned entirely graphically.

There are options that require filling out forms and parts that can be manipulated with the mouse on the screen to adjust its position. Some elements - such as backgrounds and items of scenery - are added to the full extent of the display, but all can be adjusted through the settings.

Lightweight and specialized

A big advantage is also the fact that the program is specialized in handling structures in three dimensions in an easy to use environment. That's because even experienced developers sometimes have some difficulty to work with this type of structure. Furthermore, it can be considered very positive is the fact that the program is extremely lightweight.

Likewise, the fact that it is completely online, eliminates the use of a specific machine for modeling and allows you to access on an independent operating system installed on your machine. Although initially it may seem a bit confusing, just a little manipulate items on the screen and you fully understand the mechanism of operation of the application.

Everything is created from scratch and the best way to get to know the tools is to explore the options available on the screen. Yet, there are some examples in the developer page that can be viewed to help with possible questions, since these are practical examples of the use of the application.

• Friendly and well organized interface
• Tools for easy handling
• Edited by GUI or by code

• Entirely in English
• Earlier use can be a little difficult


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