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Star Wars: Last Man Standing

By Toby-Wood
You are a clone commando and have to defend the evacuated city from the new threat... The Empire! You have a limited amount of ammo and cannot heal so the aim is to survive as long as possible. You have 4 guns whic you can use by pressing the keys 1-4. Key 1 is a pistol. Key 2 is a rifle. key 3 is a mini gun. key 4 is a snpier. You can change between the guns by pressing Backspace (to remove the previous one) and then press the key of the next gun you want. You can aim each of the guns by pressing 'Q'. Make the most of the huge map and have fun!
-AM means ammo.
-T's means targets (it tells you how man enemies are present on the map)
-K's means kill's  
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