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Better Third Person Example

By Symbiotic Interactives
WASD - Movement
Left Shift - Sprint
Space - Jump
Mouse - Look

-Replaced Monster model with default character
-Better lighting
-Jump Velocity Cap

(disable show 2D when opening source)

For a long long time I've been wanting to create a more modern movement system for Cyberix. A lot of failed attempts over the years culminated to this.
And it's open source for anyone to use in their projects!

The default Cyberix movement is limited to just foward movement, with movement side to side or backwards having to force the camera with it.

This advanced movement has camera movement independant of the player movement, allowing the player to move in several directions without having the camera following the player's rotation.

Things I still need to add:
-Interpolation between the player rotation and camera rotation
-Normalizing diagonal sprint values (movement speed doubles diagonally)
-Player rotating towards diagonal movement
-Smoother/Slower mouse sensitivity
-Max camera rotation (it inverts if you look up or down too much)
-Locking cursor without limiting mouse input
-Removing mouse border
-Aim mode (player rotates with camera)

Unfortunately some of these may not be possible due to the limitations of the Cyberix3D engine but I'll try my best.

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