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Cyberix Parkour 3D Demo

By Symbiotic Interactives
The first parkour game on Cyberix with polished parkour mechanics and with gorgeous futuristic visuals. You can sprint, vault, climb, slide, and move objects.

WASD - Movement
Left SHIFT - Sprint
Left CTRL - Slide
Space - Jump/Climb/Wallrun
E - Interact/Pickup Objects
R - Drop Objects

I've temporarily taken this game off the website for a while, but now it's back with some updates:
+Ui prompt for interactable objects
+Box resets when falls off the map
+Climbing/wallrunning is more consistent
+Re-added developer easter egg
+Tutorial prompts more readable
+Level Geometry slightly changed
-Strafe sprintings been removed (Will be re-added)

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