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Hydra Lagoon

By Ganderoleg
Arthaa Palace - Hydra Lagoon [v0.2]

This is a second level of Arthaa Palace, I have just started development so there’s not much to see. This time I won’t make a mess and publish 10 different project files, every update will be done on this level version :)

So far there is a modified menu, icons and two rooms, still no real gameplay.

Development log:

-First two rooms formatted to AWD and placed in level.
-Water model added and modified to look like a swamp-water.

-Menu modifications, new images and icons.
-Collision boxes for two new rooms.
-New lighting and few level design changes.

-Next two rooms formatted to AWD and placed in level.
-Collision boxes for first new room.

-Collision boxes for second new room.
-First part of dialog with the Witch (NPC) added + Witch image placeholder.  
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