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MOTU fan-project v1

By Ganderoleg
This is the first level and a start of my 'He-Man and the Masters of the Universe' fan-project game :)

This is my project for relaxing so it won't be updated on regular bases but I hope I will be adding more things at least once a week.

The story for this level is:
He-Man must rescue Teela from the Snake Mountain where she is kept as a Skeletor’s prisoner. He will have to locate the secret doors that are leading to Snake Mountain. Also for doors to be opened he will have to find few, hidden, magic potions so that Orko can create a spell-key.

Level so far:
- I have sealed the level so that the player can’t fall-through anything.
- The Snake Mountain is placed on top of the snowy mountain.
- Skeletor is placed beneath the Snake Mountain

Level in the future:
- Friendly NPCs and Orko.
- Enemy NPCs.
- Magic potions.
- Secret door that will lead to second level inside the Snake Mountain.

If someone doesn’t know what 'He-Man and the Masters of the Universe' is this is the link to the official MOTU website:

Have fun :)
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