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FPS Game Plus

By Ganderoleg
I added my Warrior model to the Cyberix3D FPS example level. This way people who want to use the model doesn’t have to build the entire game around my published post with just this model.

I replaced one Cyberix Monster with my Warrior and added animations and evrything. They do need tweaking and I will add Death and Pain animations when I resolve some export issues.

As I wrote in my earlier post Warrior model is free for commercial or non-commercial projects of any kind with no limitations or usage-conditions. He is completely legal, all geometry is my own work and also all textures.

Format is MD5 (md5mesh) with four animations (md5anim). Animations are: Idle, Attack A, Attack B and Run.

If model is used in project/game giving credit is not mandatory but it is always welcome :)
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