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3D test with two rooms v1

By Ganderoleg
My first 3D test with this engine, it proved to be really great for web but, so far, not so much for android.

Except for my problems related to gameplay and not knowing the engine yet (multiple guns, firing from the muzzle, enemy animations and etc.) I had some bigger issues with apk file.

1. APK file seems to be downloading the (not-native) models and textures during the install process (they are not in the apk).

2. Installed game is still downloading the model and textures every time it’s started (when I turn off WiFi and start the installed game all I get is blue screen without the OBJ geometry and without any textures).

3. The ‘enableLightsOnMobile’ dosen’t seem to work on tablets, they were still enabled on my device.

4. Application starts even if OBJ files with bigger face-count are not uploaded yet, half of my first room was not there when the game started :(

If anyone knows of a way to solve these problems it would be great help.

These things are only happening in the apk version of the game, the web version (swf) is running smoothly and without any issues :)
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