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TOPIC: Function parameters

Function parameters 2 months 2 weeks ago #2662

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Function parameters would be great to have, like if there is a function to teleport a cube somewhere there could be 3 parameters, cubeX, cubeY, and cubeZ. You type the parameter names into the Function block and enter the chosen values into a Call block, in the places of their corresponding parameters. Then the Call block would call the teleport function and send it the parameter values and it would set the cube's X value to the value entered as the cubeX parameter in the Call block, and same with the Y and Z.

function(name="teleport", param1="cubeX", param2="cubeY", param3="cubeZ")

Set(var="cube.x" value="cubeX")
Set(var="cube.y" value="cubeY")
Set(var="cube.z" value="cubeZ")

Call(function="teleport", param1="9000", param2="2000", param3="0")
[sets cube.x to 9000, cube.y to 2000, and cube.z to 0]

Please add parameters for functions, that would be great.
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Function parameters 2 months 2 weeks ago #2664

  • cyberix3d
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Thank you for your suggestion.
Function parameters are already supported.
Here is an example:

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