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camera effect (customizable)

By Interactive games
the camera effect project allows executing or simulating the realistic animation effects of a player, for example when pressing any movement key, the camera moves repeatedly upwards and then downwards. It is 100% customizable, just enter the values ​​to the corresponding variables that are:


The fov animate allows the values ​​yes and not
 - in animate fov allows to animate the fov of the camera when moving the camera forward,

the maximum animation height supports the values, 40, 50, 20 and 30
 - the maximum height allows to execute the maximum height when animating the camera upwards.

the final delay when animating supports the values ​​.1, .2, .3, .4, .5
 - The final delay allows to execute the seconds in which the camera takes to lower the player's gaze.

you can customize the animation of the camera in real time when executing the project, once you configure the camera as you want, click on each section of the slidebar, write down the values ​​in your block of notes and finally place each value in the variable which corresponds, eg the variable animate fov is "yes".

In case you use this project in your game, you must delete the "images2d" group, include all the images on the screen and the slidebar.
then save the project, then as pluging and loads the pluging without problems in your game, you have to replace the camera  
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