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Asset/Model Template P.A V.03

By Symbiotic Interactives
This is a Template for a model viewer, you can customize this for any assets or models you want to show off, in this case it's a Venom model but the textures were made by a friend of minds. You can customize this by replacing the model with whatever you want, edit the skybox, change the audio, and change the model information. This is totally free to use, if you want to download the model export the game and find the model and textures inside. There will be updates to this. Custom textures by Ri Kandum, and the here's the video he used the model . And please leave positive comments. (This is still in pre alpha)

Upcoming Features
-A variety of light colors
-Different Camera views
-Model Link
-Model Animations

version 0.2
-Fixed model position
-fixed UI
-camera positions
-change colors
-controls menu

(some controls may not work).

Version 0.3 January 29, 2017
- Working lights
- Fixed UI positions
- Fixed select backgrounds
- Added Link + Directions
- Removed Close and Open bar for controls.  
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