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Alone in the World

By ViraX
You are alone in the world, occupy yourself as you can !

This project is at the prototype stage, it does not represent the final game ...

here are the first interactions you can do:
- First cut a tree, you retrieve a seed and wood logs automatically ...
- Plant your seeds in order to recover more wood.
- With this wood, you can create and build.

'Arrows Keys' -> to move
'Collision with Tree + E' -> to cut
'P' -> Plant a seed
'G' -> Mode Build
'F' -> Mode Survival
'U' -> Change the direction of "Holo" (North, South, East, West)
'N' -> Choose a Model
'2 & 8' -> Change the angle of rotation of "Holo"
**you can create 1 campfire only

It may be that the installation of the Roof and Floor bug, if this is the case restart the game.  
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