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Recent Updates
    • Multiplayer alpha version
    • Hello all, We are happy to release a first alpha version of the Multiplayer feature. You can download it from here: After installing, You can test it with this sample:...  read
    • 2 months 1 week ago
    • A review about Cyberix3D on JSA's Dev Page
    • Hello all, JSA's Dev Page published a review about Cyberix3D. You can read it here: Regards, Cyberix3D team  read
    • 3 months 6 days ago
    • New loader for EXE and APK
    • Hello, We have implemented a new loader for the EXE and APK export versions. The new loader is simple, clean, and doesn't include the Cyberix3D logo. It means that you can export your truly owned games without any identifying mark. You can always...  read
    • 6 months 2 days ago
Ball Adventure GameBall Adventure Game
A demonstration of an ADVENTURE game. Use the arrows keys or the android gyro to take the
Labyrinth GameLabyrinth Game
A demonstration of a LABYRINTH game. Use the arrows to take the ball through the maze befo
-= Cyberix Island =--= Cyberix Island =-
A demonstration of a world created with Cyberix3D. Version: Final(1.05)
By: ViraX
FPS GameFPS Game
A demonstration of a First-Person Shooter game. Use the mouse to turn and look around, use ...
A demonstration of a LANDSCAPE. Use the mouse to turn and look around, use the arrows to m