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Flappy Bird

By Denzel Curry [ Admin ]
If you have any bugs please report them to me, and if you want to buy some score credits please tell me, or you want to get coins please tell me. Thank You!
Flappy Bird, is currently in Beta right now so you may expect bugs, glitches, or your score may just go back to 0 if you have any bugs, glitches, or it changed your score to 0 please tell me like I said. There cannot be hackers, or glitchers on this game if so they may be permenantly banned from me because I work for this website. If they hack they will be Terminated. Stay safe dont hack! Enjoy the game.
Denzel Curry [ Owner & Co Founder ]
John Shedletsky [ Flappy Bird Mod & Admin ]
John Doe [ Flappy Bird Technology Of VP ]
David Baszucki [ Founder & CEO ]
Keith Lucas [ Chief Product Officer ]
Andrew Chmyz [ CFO ]
Jared Shapiro [ VP Of Web Platform ]
Adam Miller [ VP Of Engineering, Technology ]
Tami Bhaumik [ VP Of Game Animations ]
Ari Staiman [ General Counsel ]
Christina Wootton [ General Manager ]
Scott Rubin [ SVP of Business Development ]  
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Flappy BirdFlappy Bird

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