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The future of Cyberix3D

Published on Friday, 02 November 2018 00:00

Hello all, 

It has been three years since the Cyberix3D website was created, and since then many people visited the site and made beautiful games. Not only random people visited our site but also many schools that are using Cyberix3D as part of their learning programs.

The Cyberix3D was built on Flash Player technology, and when it was developed it was the most advanced technology for 3D games. Since then, Adobe announced that Flash Player will be no longer supported by 2020 and probably no browser will support it after that.

That means we need to rebuild the Cyberix3D game maker from scratch in HTML 5 technology or it will die with Flash Player in 2020.

Cyberix3D is not a commercial company and we work on it in our free time. Therefore we don't have enough time to develop it by then. The only solution that we have found is making Cyberix3D an open source and rebuild it with the help of the community.

We already made a GitHub branch and started a new project for the new version of Cyberix3D:

We have tested several game engines but the most suitable 3D game engine was Urho3D because it is a low-level game engine and it is also multiplatform. It means that we could have Cyberix3D supported on all platforms, including Web, Windows, Linux, Android, and IOS. 

We are very excited to have found an engine that fits our needs. You can check out the  online examples at the Urho3D engine:

We are still learning the Urho3D engine, and as soon as we will be ready we will start the development of the Cyberix3D engine. We would appreciate if the community will join us when we will have the Cyberix3D core and some milestones. We promise to keep you updated.

All of the above means we are stopping all the current development of Cyberix3D, and we will focus on the new version of Cyberix3D.

We are planning to make the new Cyberix3D editor backward compatible and we hope it will be possible in most cases.

We will keep you posted.

We have decided to build a desktop version of Cyberix3D before the Urho3D version. 
The plan is to make the desktop version integrated with the site. This means that whenever you open the editor from the site or open a game page from the site, it will open on the desktop app.
The desktop app will be ready before the Flash end of life, and it will be 100% compatible for all the current games.

Cyberix3D team


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