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Cyberix3D Goes Beta

Published on Tuesday, 01 March 2016 09:00

Hello All,

We are happy to announce that Cyberix3D goes Beta!

We have fixed a lot of bugs and added many features since Cyberix3D first came out, on September 2014, a year and a half ago.

Our team continues to improve Cyberix3D continuously, and will keep on looking for ways to improve it, make it simpler and add cool features.

Our roadmap for the near future in the upcoming year are to add Scoring System and Multi-Player options. We will be happy to hear any other ideas you might have.

Cyberix3D in the education

Several schools have started teaching Cyberix3D to students of various ages. 

We are very excited about that and we think Cyberix3D can be an excellent tool to learn programming without the need to write lines of code.

It's time for creativity

We believe in creativity and Cyberix3D is a great tool for everyone to express creativity even when they don’t know how to program.

Creating a game on a simple and easy to use platform can bring out the creativity hidden in each and every one of us, and allow us to realize imaginary ideas that we didn’t know how to imply and fulfill.

We have created Cyberix3D in order to enable each and everyone to realize your own personal vision of complexed 3D games which you could have never made any other way.


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